What will you do with a stronger body?

What will you do with a stronger body?

What is OsteoStrong

A Unique System For Strengthening Bones, Joints & Muscles

OsteoStrong works for people of all ages and impacts the entire body in many ways using a process called Osteogenic Loading.

OsteoStrong impacts immunity through our technology, as well as our other modalities including PEMF and red light therapy.

In just 10 minutes per week, you increase strength & bone density, improve posture, balance and athletic performance.

OsteoStrong impacts immunity through our technology, as well as our other modalities including PEMF and red light therapy.

Science-backed. Research-driven.

Minimum effort. Maximum results.

What Modalities Do We Offer?

We offer cutting-edge modalities specifically focused on boosting immunity and overall vitality and well-being:

✔️ OsteoStrong: Proprietary technology that strengthens bones, joints and muscles. Increases bone density, reduces joint & back pain.

✔️ BioCharger: The Biocharger helps optimize and improve health, wellness, and athletic performance while boosting immunity.

✔️ Red Light Therapy: Shown to produce a wide range of natural health benefits, like inflammation and pain relief, fitness gains, muscle recovery, improved sleep, and strengthening your immune system.

✔️ PEMF Mat: PEMF helps encourage and enhance healthy cell growth, restoring damaged tissues and benefitting the immune system and entire body.

✔️ Compression Boots: Compression helps with muscle recovery and the lymphatic system. It has been proven effective in reducing the stress hormone, which in turn helps boost the immunVideoe system.

OsteoStrong Science

OsteoStrong sessions utilize a series of devices that allow axial compression of bone to emulate the effect of impact, which is called Osteogenic Loading. Because of the optimized positioning of the human body, loading forces go through the human bone that are far higher than those seen in daily activity or weight training. Heavy loading is already understood and recommended by all international bodies of medical education, but at OsteoStrong, we make it safer.

In fact, we’ve known for over 100 years that Osteogenic Loading works. In the late 1800’s, Dr. Julius Wolff discovered that bones will adapt to the loads under which they are placed (Wolff’s Law). What we didn’t know until the 2012 Deere & Tobias study (to the right) was that there is a minimum threshold to triggering osteogenesis. 4.2 multiples of your body weight is the minimum required force to trigger bone growth in the hip joint (the most important place to avoid fracture) and peak forces with adults in conventional resistance exercise only show 1.26 to 1.54 multiples of body weight.


Learn why walking, running and even weight lifting have little to no positive effect to improving bone density.
- Deere & Tobias 2012 Study

Learn how osteogenic loading works with and without bisphosphonates and how your body is perfectly capable of rebuilding bone tissue holistically.
- Osteporosis International 2013 Study

Proving the efficacy of osteogenic loading with a group of women over the age of 50.
- Hunte, Jaquish, Huck 2015 Study

Learn how Osteogenic Loading lowered A1C levels by .6% in only 6 months without changing their diet.
- Type II Diabetes 2015 Study

The OsteoStrong Technology

Spectrum System

OsteoStrong uses the Spectrum System to deliver unprecedented results. Spectrum is first-in-class of a new category devices called Robotic Musculoskeletal Development System (RMDS).

The Spectrum System consists of four modalities as demonstrated in the videos below: 1) Upper Growth Trigger, 2) Lower Growth Trigger, 3) Core Growth Trigger and 4) Postural Growth Trigger.

Spectrum was invented by the Father of Osteogenic Loading, Dr. John Jaquish, Ph.D. Dr. Jaquish is the Chief Science Advisor for OsteoStrong and author of Osteogenic Loading. Dr. Jaquish has been a frequent speaker at the World Congress on Osteoporosis and is on the board of American Bone Health. His contributions to the OsteoStrong brand have been invaluable in bringing this technology to the world.


“No modality I have ever come across has the potential to change the lives of so many people as this one does.”

“No modality I have ever come across has the potential to change the lives of so many people as this one does.”

–Steve Shifflet, MD Orthopedic Surgeon

–Steve Shifflet, MD Orthopedic Surgeon

“The results of my DXA scan showed a 7.5% increase in bone mineral density in just 6 months of doing weekly OsteoStrong sessions without the use of a pharmaceutical medication!”

— Edy S.

“My strength increased by over 100% in just 6 sessions. At a spinning class last week, my starting gear was 3 gears higher than just weeks before!”

— Izumi T.

“I had my blood sugar tested recently and it was the lowest it’s ever been. My blood glucose was so normal my doctor said I didn’t have to have my A1C levels tested for the first time in a decade.”

— Joe M.

“After 10 years of suffering, my chronic knee pain was gone after 3 sessions at OsteoStrong.”

— Dennis B.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a complimentary consultation to see if this is a good fit for me?

Absolutely! We want you to see how quickly your body will respond to our system. Call us at (626) 888-2265 or CLICK HERE to request your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION.

Do I need to schedule?

Our sessions are by appointment, every fifteen minutes, with only a few members at the same time. There is always a highly trained certified session coach assisting you.

How long until I start feeling the results?

Results vary from person to person, but the following are some general rules for what our members experience:

• Joint and back pain: generally, people experience a sensation of joint and back pain relief in 1 to 12 sessions. Of course, with any physical condition that causes you concern, we recommend that you ask your doctor prior to engaging in sessions at OsteoStrong.

• Once your pain is gone, regular sessions will continue to develop the joint, bone and surrounding support tissue. It is highly recommended that you continue sessions to help prevent the return of your joint and back pain.

• Skeletal strength or bone density increases can only be seen on a bone density scan. It usually takes 6-12 months from the time you start with OsteoStrong® for your DXA scan to show increases in bone density. In some cases, it may take longer depending on the person.

• Balance improvements. Most people notice improvements in their personal balance in just one to two sessions and it generally improves for several sessions afterward.

• Muscular Strength. Most people, regardless of fitness level, feel the gains in overall strength in about 4 sessions. Regular sessions show continued strength gains for many years. Some people may have periods of plateauing in their measured strength gains. Have patience when this happens to you!

Does health insurance cover OsteoStrong?

Traditional health insurance in the United States sometimes covers OsteoStrong, depending on the type of insurance you have. We do not submit to insurance on your behalf. Flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts can be used in most cases.

Is it safe to do OsteoStrong sessions if I have osteoporosis?

Yes, many showing T-scores as low as -4 from their DXA scans do sessions at OsteoStrong. Even in these extreme cases, members have completely reversed their osteoporosis without medication. As with all medical conditions, we encourage people to consult with their physician prior to starting sessions at OsteoStrong.

Does OsteoStrong do anything for weight loss?

Yes, it does, but it is very minimal. The primary engine of calorie burning is muscles, and at OsteoStrong we trigger tissue growth in the muscle fiber. With new tissue, people process glucose better and burn more calories. But diet is the heart of weight loss, being responsible for about 90% of weight loss. We can help improve the engines that help the body burn more calories and process glucose a little better. True weight loss is going to come from improving your diet.

How much does it cost?

We have different month-to-month plans that go from $199 to $349 with unlimited add-ons included. Here is how our prices compare with other popular therapies:


Aegist - February 19, 2020

Bones, like all parts of bodies, will adapt to correctly applied stress. The essential thinking here is that your body always wants to be prepared for something greater that may cause a catastrophic failure in the future. This is how muscle building works. If there is stress applied — picking up a heavy weight — the body will adapt by adding more muscle tissue up to one’s biological maximum. The same is true with bones, with the difference that bone grows more slowly than muscle.

Los Angeles Times - December 27, 2019

Edy Seaver, a 61-year-old artist from Venice who swims and kayaks for fitness, had osteoporosis. Yes, had — as in past tense. After four months of once-a-week 10-minute workouts at OsteoStrong, a wellness studio in Mar Vista that features proprietary resistance machines, a DEXA scan showed that her bone density improved by more than 7%. That moved her up out of the osteoporosis category into osteopenia, a less severe degree of bone thinning. “This is a radical improvement in a tiny period of time — after years of getting worse and worse,” she says. “And on top of that, I feel so much stronger that I can swim 20 laps instead of my old 12.”

KTLA Morning Show - October 3, 2018

The founder of OsteoStrong, Dr. John Jaquish joined us live to tell us all about OsteoStrong and their new location in LA. OsteoStrong is not a gym, diet, supplement, pharmaceutical, or a medical treatment…

ABC7 News - September 13, 2018

Susan Coulbourne has a bone-loss condition called osteopenia - but she's not interested in taking medications for it. Instead, she's trying a new concept called bio-hacking at OsteoStrong L.A…

PureWow - August 27, 2018

Not exactly a workout per se, Osteostrong is a “biohack,” which is the hip term for a self-directed body-based regimen that seeks to make you healthier. This set of four machines (developed by a bioengineer to help his mom’s osteoporosis) aims to make not your muscles but your bones grow stronger by quick, intense strain…

GroomedLA - July 21, 2018

The ultimate biohack has arrived to town. I would love to explain the science behind OsteoStrong as simply as possible. but I’ll probably bungle the paraphrasing…

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